Two Weeks Intensive Training Program
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About The Program

What It Is

Our Basic Certificate course in Broadcasting provides hands-on training to students seeking to learn how to produce and present shows. Our professional instructors will teach you relevant skills you need to get started.

Previous experience on Radio/TV not necessary, as long as you have potential, passion and ready to apply yourself to what you will learn in the Broadcasters Academy, then this course will provide you with the needed foundation from which to kick start your career.

How Can the program be of benefit?

We turn out well rounded employable broadcasters, who are confident, self-reliant and able to run with the simplest idea.

A Certificate is issued on completion of the course plus an internship opportunity in a media outfit. However, we do not provide jobs to our students but will provide mentorship and may assist with placements where openings are available.

Our facility is comfortable and makes learning fun. Minimum enrolment requirement is SSCE. However, we have special packages for Secondary school students.

What You'll Learn

Students will learn the A-Z of Broadcasting. Presenting, identifying your audience, preparing for and conducting interviews. Reporting, news writing and news reading.

Also learn how to develop skills in effective communication, develop original ideas, researching a subject and interview skills. Our students will understand the structure of the Broadcast Industry, job roles, as well as audience expectation. Students will also be taught production and editing, use of social media tools for broadcasting and how to prepare a CV.

We are determined to grow those who are ready to grow by filling any information need gap.


We also offer courses in Public Speaking and Effective Communication for individuals, organizations and professionals seeking to polish their communication skills and boost their self-confidence.

We have ‘Language classes for beginners’ for those seeking to build a good foundation in learning French, the world’s second most spoken language.

  • Courses in Microsoft Office Proficiency
  • CV writing
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Writing Business plans
  • Public Speaking
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Master Classes in Branding
  • Advertising

Our weekday classes run from 9am-3pm weekdays. Weekend Classes are available too.

Registration opens for June/July classes

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Account Name: Broadcasters Academy

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