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The Broadcast Academy does Broadcast PR Training

The Broadcast Academy is part of many businesses PR and marketing strategies. It helps professionals become the broadcast media’s number one go-to expert via our coaching, consulting and training programme. We help experts and PR’s get themselves/their clients on TV and radio on the back of breaking news stories and planned diary stories as the expert. This expert’s brand will then be in front of millions of people, without spending millions on advertising. 

The programmes has live group online video coaching sessions with Kerry Hopkins where clients get one on one time with Kerry to ask questions.

There is an online private community to ask questions from academy staff and get support from members. There is an On-Demand training platform to learn the latest broadcast industry insider knowledge at your own pace.

The programmes transform businesses positively in a way that no other marketing spend for the same amount, can ever do.

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TV Interview Media Training

Get TV media training with Kerry Hopkins or one of her niche specialists

Our Clients or Companies that the Broadcast Academy or Kerry Hopkins have advised

Client Reviews and Press Reviews

Michelle McGrade
Finance & Investments Expert

Naomi Kerbel
Head of Newsgathering

Michelle McGrade
Finance & Investments Expert

Naomi Kerbel
Head of Newsgathering

Michelle McGrade
Finance & Investments Expert

Naomi Kerbel
Head of Newsgathering
Kerry Hopkins Broadcast PR agency Broadcasters Academy

About Kerry Hopkins - Chief Executive

Kerry Hopkins is a highly regarded Board Level PR specialist and the founder of the Broadcast Academy (formerly Broadcast Ready), established in 2013.

The Broadcast Academy has secured over 1,000 TV and radio interviews for clients, across 100 plus countries across the world, particularly the UK and USA but also in China, Europe, Australasia, South Korea, India, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Client Testimonials

Gillian Hovell
Gillian HovellThe Muddy Archaeologist,
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"I'm really enjoying being on the programme and the course. I got myself on BBC Radio twice in the first three months of the programme, further to implementing Kerry Hopkins’s proven formula’s and advice. I'm looking forward to further sharing my ancient history and archaeology knowledge to millions of people via the power of TV and radio."
Dr Naomi Murphy
Dr Naomi MurphyConsultant Clinical Psychologist,
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"I give the programme 10/10 and 5 stars for content, relevance, accessibility, ease of us and approachableness. It's great to be on the programme and to benefit from Kerry Hopkins's specialist knowledge. "Kerry Hopkins delivers in a warm engaging manner and gives real examples. I am really enjoying being on the programme and being coached by Kerry. I love the website platform, love the fact the videos are different lengths. Some of the videos I can just listen to rather than watch which means I can multi-task which is a great use of my time."
Cathryn Lyon
Cathryn LyonBeauty Business Coach and Skin Expert @CathrynLyon21
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"I am currently on the programme and I give it 5 stars. I have found the small suggestions really help and motivate me, as in the bespoke ones that Kerry gives me, and the ones in the videos. My confidence has increased since I started this course. I love the website platform that the On Demand part of the course is delivered on, and I love the images used. The thing is, the whole thing feels actually 'real.'"

Broadcast Interviews Kerry Hopkins has been involved with organising

News and Blogs

Should you go on GB News?

Should you go on GB News? I feel troubled that PR’s are asking if they should put their clients on the new national TV news network, GB News.  Left wing PR’s comment: ‘No don’t, it’s…

Client Case Studies

Our client case studies speak volumes about the quality and success of our work for them

What Journalists Say About Us

ITV News TV media training Broadcasters Academy

“It’s great to have a ‘one-stop-shop’ for interviewees who are ready, willing and able to talk in an engaging way on camera.”

Angus Walker, Home Editor

ITV News

Bloomberg Television Broadcast PR coach Broadcasters Academy

“The Broadcast Academy has been really great for me in the past year, at coming forward with some great guests, particularly women, on stories that I’m working on day to day and having someone that just brings me an expert guest, is really helpful.”








Naomi Kerbal, Head of Newsgathering,

Bloomberg Television

BBC News Broadcast PR Professional Broadcasters Academy

“Broadcast Academy is an excellent resource for journalists – especially for those seeking to widen out the number of contributors they use. It offers a good range of diverse voices on different subjects. Kerry is fantastic to deal with and has a can do attitude – she’s always happy to help. She’s especially passionate about diversity and increasing the number of women guests used by broadcasters.”






News Editor
BBC Television

Press Coverage

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