How to Get World Class Broadcast PR Skills So You Can Get Yourself or Your PR Client On Air Regularly

This level of high-quality broadcast publicity helps professionals in their field transform their life and their business and help millions of people by sharing their expertise whilst doing it. It’s probably the best type of PR on the planet.

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Customer Reviews

“One thing that is certain is a saying that they always used to use for New York University where I did my undergraduate training. If you give a man a fish you feed him for the day but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for life. I feel like I've learned quite a bit about how to fish for media contacts and perform from my home studio, so much so that I got myself on BBC TV national news several times as a legal expert on the Britney Spears conservatorship story.”
Dr Jean Cirillo Broadcast Media Training Broadcasters Academy
Dr Jean Cirillo
USA Attorney and Licenced Psychologist
"I have so far got on BBC TV News and I'm still on the course. I give the programme 10/10 and 5 stars for content, relevance, accessibility, ease of us and approachableness. It's great to be on the programme and to benefit from Kerry Hopkins's specialist knowledge. Kerry delivers in a warm engaging manner and gives real examples. I am really enjoying being on the programme and being coached by Kerry. I love the website platform, love the fact the videos are different lengths. Some of the videos I can just listen to rather than watch which means I can multi-task which is a great use of my time."
Dr Naomi Murphy PR Coaching Broadcasters Academy
Dr Naomi Murphy
Consultant Clinical Psychologist,
"I have been on BBC TV News, BBC World, BBC Radio 4 Today programme and other media and I've not even finished the course yet. I'm really enjoying being on the programme and the course. It has really helped me feel more confident and I feel much happier because I’ve got the right kind of things to say. I've got on radio twice early on in the course thanks to Kerry's teachings. I'm looking forward to sharing my ancient history and archaeology knowledge to millions of people via the power of TV and radio."
Gillian Hovell Broadcast Media Training Broadcasters Academy
Gillian Hovell
The Muddy Archaeologist,
"Kerry is a consummate professional, with well-rounded experience across all the key PR mediums, she grasps the brief intuitively and is well-tuned into the client. On top of that, Kerry is a real pleasure to work with."
Broadcast PR coach testimonial Microsoft David Burrows Broadcasters Academy
David Burrows
Managing Director, Business Strategy, Worldwide Affairs, Microsoft
“Working with Kerry Hopkins and her team has been an invaluable and exciting experience. Kerry is fantastic at her job. Since working with Kerry Hopkins I have been on BBC 10 O'Clock News, BBC News Channel, BBC London TV News, BBC London radio, BBC Radio 4 Today programme --- to name just some media. I would recommend Kerry to anyone who wanted to really develop their media presence, regardless of their level of media experience."
Dr Roberta Babb headshot cropped Broadcasters Academy
Dr Roberta Babb
Clinical psychologist , Third Eye Psychology
“I got on BBC News and Sky News a short time after signing up. Kerry Hopkins provides an excellent service for experts with something to say to a bigger audience, but without the contacts or experience to break into the world of television.”
Dr Steven Fawkes headshot cropped Broadcasters Academy
Dr Steven Fawkes
Director, Energy Pro
“My client, leading businesswoman Nikki King OBE, former MD and now Honorary Chairman of Isuzu Truck UK, has only been working with Kerry Hopkins since January and she has already been lined up for BBC News and Sky News to discuss the budget. I would not have got Nikki on these programmes without Kerry Hopkins and I strongly recommend her services to other PR agencies and major corporations.”
broadcast media training testimonial Broadcasters Academy
Nikki King OBE
Former Chairwoman, Isuzu Truck UK
"I am still on the course and have been on ITV News, BBC Radio, in the Daily Mirror and Metro plus other media. By week 5 of working with Kerry on the course, I made 592% return on my investment. I also got myself on TV and in the press soon after starting. I'm learning so much about how it works and taking Kerry's guidance really to the letter. Kerry gave me a lot of tips and tricks just to get really prepared for the moment, that moment you're on TV. I find the coaching calls really enjoyable, I get to chat with the crew, it's a really nice little community."
Patrick Reid Broadcast Media Training Broadcasters Academy
Patrick Reid
FX Trader, Adamis Principle
"I am currently on the programme and I give it 5 stars. I have found the small suggestions really help and motivate me, as in the bespoke ones that Kerry gives me, and the ones in the videos. My confidence has increased since I started this course. I love the website platform that the On Demand part of the course is delivered on, and I love the images used. The thing is, the whole thing feels actually 'real.'"
Cathryn Leon Live Interview training Broadcasters Academy
Cathryn Lyon
Beauty Business Coach and Skin Expert @CathrynLyon21
"I would recommend that any individual or business who wants to improve their positive exposure should work with Kerry Hopkins. Our staff are buzzing and the place has literally exploded with these phenomenal results as I got 9 national TV and radio news interviews in my second month of working with Kerry Hopkins! Our website has seen a big spike in views in one day by 4,000% in one day and our message has hit millions of people and we have seen a big upturn in enquiries and sales"
Simon Lancaster headshot SJL Insurance
Simon Lancaster
Founder and CEO,
“Kerry Hopkins's company lives up to its name – Kerry made sure I was ready for TV interviews by coaching and teaching me to trust myself and bringing out the best of me. I was forced onto TV against my better judgment, and after a short while, I started to enjoy it and I was in demand. The sheer high volume of interview opportunities Kerry Hopkins brought me was astounding. But Kerry never let me get ahead of myself and she issued honest feedback, which kept me grounded and broadcast-ready! Thank you Kerry because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have the media presence that I have!”
Michelle McGrade Broadcasters Academy client
Michelle McGrade
Former Chief Investment Officer now NED, Formerly TD Direct Investing and Virgin Money
“Kerry successfully completed her MA, a few years after graduating as a PG Dip student from City, in TV Current Affairs. To get the masters later requires real hard work and commitment as well as brains and Kerry has them all. "Her film and dissertation was on Women in TV Comedy and she got funny, imaginative interviews, door stepping Ian Hislop, and with access to commissioning editors at high levels. Kerry received a Distinction for this incredible dissertation. Kerry is a great worker, capable of really original stuff and unexpected thinking. But she is also down-to-earth and straightforward and comes up with original ideas."
Professor Lis Howell headshot Broadcasters Academy
Professor Lis Howell
Former Director of Broadcasting, City University London
“Through Kerry Hopkins, I've had more broadcast opportunities in the first month, than I did in an entire year with the PR agency I used to hire. Kerry's a whirlwind of energy, who is also passionate about interviewing her clients to improve their skills. With her guidance and training sessions, I feel so much more confident."
Gina Miller SCM Direct Broadcast PR Services Broadcasters Academy
Gina Miller
Director of SCM Direct and Brexit High Court Claimant
Kerry Hopkins headshot Broadcast PR coach media training

How I Was Able To Work With Brands Like Disney, the BBC, ITV, Microsoft, JP Morgan Asset Management, Samsung And More

Kerry Hopkins has got people on TV in over 100 countries across the world - now she is sharing her secrets so that you can try to replicate that level of success for yourself!

The Broadcast academy is official partner of the BBC 50:50 Project so Kerry likes to have both men and women as clients.

Kerry organised an event about women on TV in the House of Commons in the Palace of Westminster, London in September 2019 with ITV News’s acting editor on the panel and it was presented by a BBC TV news presenter.

Through the Broadcast Academy, Kerry’s other events have attracted prestigious panels including a BBC TV newsreader, BBC editor, ITV News editor, Channel 4 news presenter, Member of Parliament (Congressman equivalent), Sky News business editor, Channel 5 News presenter, ITV The Agenda’s Executive Producer and the General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

How To Get On TV and Radio Channels Without Hiring A PR Director To Do It For You

Are you tired of listening to advice from PR professionals who aren’t ex broadcast journalists, or who have not had specialist broadcast PR training, because they’re not getting you on TV and radio much, if at all? Or are you a PR person just so, so keen to get your clients on TV and radio more but struggling to get them on regularly?

Or maybe you do not have the marketing budget to hire a PR person on a retainer for at least one year?

And you’d love someone who excels at it to teach you their method!

People pay PR agencies anywhere from $4,000-$40,000 per month for their chance to get on television and radio. 

That’s on a minimum of a one-year contract so really it’s more like $48,000-$480,000 per year. 

You wouldn’t learn how to do it yourself though, so you’d have to pay that fee time and time again.

And it hardly ever works out, because that’s not how it’s done. 

This happens all too often…

While you’re emptying your pockets, results never show up.

And you have yet to appear on television and radio at all or again.  But the PR’s, broadly speaking, who’re ex TV journalists or those on our training course, do not have this problem.

Become The Broadcast Medias Go-To Expert In Your Field

Getting on television and radio is simpler when you know the ins and outs of it. 

This will help you find TV & Radio opportunities to build your or your spokesperson’s credibility in front of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people, hence increasing your business revenue.

Immediately Get On TV Without Second-Guessing Yourself Again. When you invest in yourself and learn how it’s done, it’s a new skill that you will learn FOR LIFE. Heck, you could even have a new career afterwards as a broadcast PR! This programme is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s not a one-time ad spend, or retainer in a PR agency, it’s a new skill that you will learn to invest in yourself, and use, for the rest of your life.

Sign up today here and get started with your new lifestyle and scale your business.
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The Brands Kerry Has Worked With

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Group Coaching Programme with On Demand Training

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Group coaching is scientifically proven to elevate you to higher levels of success that you would achieve on your own.

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Learn a new skill that will benefit you for the rest of your entire life. If you give a man a fish you feed him for the day but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for life.

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Learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace to fit around your other commitments.

“Do you want to continue to sit on the couch or in your office and scoff or shout at the TV screen so that only a few people in the room hear you? Or do you want millions of people to listen to you and watch you on their TV screen from their couch or office so you can attract more success, more sales, increase your status, influence and power?”

Kerry Hopkins, Broadcast Academy Tweet
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If you’re not satisfied. We’re not satisfied

That’s why we’ll happily give you your money back on this coaching plan up to 7 days after starting.

Immediately - within 24 hours of you signing up and paying the agreed fee.
The Broadcasters’ Academy’s Level Up in Broadcast coaching, consulting and training programme.
The programme lasts for one year, which can be extended at one year if you wish and are accepted, unless it is Media Training that you require as that is just half a day.
The fee will be discussed on your broadcast strategy session with Kerry, if she would like to extend an invitation for you to join us.
A one year global transformational online group coaching and consulting programme.
It’s a global programme and so times for the twice weekly coaching calls have been chosen to suit all time zones.
Come back when you’re ready to start the programme. to have the free broadcast PR strategy with Kerry Hopkins then. If you’re ready to get started now, then please continue with getting the free broadcast PR strategy now with Kerry Hopkins. Bear in mind the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll increase your revenue and credibility and that Kerry won’t be infinitely available to do the strategy sessions forever.
We only take people on as new clients that we believe have an excellent chance of getting broadcast media opportunities. We then teach you, provide board level experienced broadcast and digital marketing strategic advice, provide you with contacts and numbers, so that you can pick up the phone or email the broadcast media to get yourself or your spokesperson on air.
Yes, due to the beauty of video calls nowadays. This makes it highly convenient for you to do media training as no travel is required! In fact we can advise you how to look good in a remote setting as that’s where a lot of TV interviews are done as well anyway. We also do TV media training in a studio setting too. We can also do 1-2 hour top up sessions after you’ve had one main half day session.
No client of ours has ever done that, but for peace of mind, we do offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If you change your mind, simply email us, we would appreciate the reason as to why, but you don’t have to give one. You will be given a full refund minus the small Stripe or bank administration fees within 7 days of receiving your email.
Our VAT number is 172454214 so you can get your VAT reimbursed if you are VAT registered. VAT is charged at 20% on top of the programme fee. You will not pay VAT if you are based in North America.
The business was registered in England, UK, on 15 August 2013.
100% yes, absolutely! You’ll have a chance to ask questions every day on your own and for us to provide you with advice.
It’s delivered online via a private group forum, zoom video calls and emails.
The programme is run on Kajabi and consists of videos, downloads and audio files for you to watch at your own pleasure. We also use Zoom video calls and emails to communicate with our clients.
Online with your credit or debit card. This will be organised on your free broadcast strategy session or a video call thereafter, if you are invited to be our client and you decide to go ahead.
We prefer payment up front but we also wish to help more professionals and so if you can’t afford to pay it upfront then we can arrange a payment plan with you so that you don’t miss out on getting our incredible help.
Broadcasters’ Academy Ltd, International House, 24, Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN, United Kingdom.
Yes, because Kerry Hopkins has got experts on TV in over 100 countries across the world. The strategy and tactics are the same so once you learn them off Kerry for one country, you can repeat the same strategy and tactics for another country that you may wish to penetrate.


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