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Kerry Hopkins is a highly regarded Board Level PR specialist and the founder of the Broadcast Academy, established in 2013. The Broadcast Academy has secured over 1,000 TV and radio interviews for clients, across 100 plus countries across the world, particularly the UK and USA but also in China, Europe, Australasia, South Korea, India, South America, Africa and the Middle East.


Kerry is a judge on the pre-selection Committee of the News and Documentaries of the Monte Carlo Television Festival Awards.


Kerry is one of the UK’s more experienced broadcast PR professionals, with more than 20 years of experience in media and corporate communications. She is a former TV journalist who has worked for ITV News and BBC TV News, winners of Royal TV Society Awards, 22 FTSE 100/FTSE 250/NYSE/NASDAQ/AIM listed companies, A-list Celebrities, Sports Stars, Actors, directors, Members of Parliament, Lords, British royalty, CEO’s, professors, doctors, universities.


She is behind the highly successful  ‘Broadcast Ready Expert Women’ campaign, endorsed by UNESCO, and is an official partner of the BBC 50:50 Project. Kerry was also invited to be a judge on UNESCO’s global initiative called ‘Women Make The News’.


In 2019, Kerry organised a major event in the House of Commons about women on TV, which featured  ITV News’ acting editor on the panel and was fronted by a BBC TV news presenter. Through Broadcast Ready, Kerry’s other events have attracted prestigious panels including a BBC TV newsreader, BBC editor, ITV News editor, Channel 4 news presenter, MP’s, Sky News business editor, Channel 5 News presenter, ITV’s The Agenda’s Executive Producer and the General Secretary of the NUJ.


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