Would you like to become the broadcast media's go-to expert?

The Broadcasters’ Academy helps top experts in their field, become the broadcast media’s go-to expert. This in turn helps the expert access audiences of millions of people in the UK and USA and other countries across the world that they wish to get into, without spending a dime on advertising. We also welcome PR’s on the programme too, to learn how to be amazing at broadcast PR.

We run the global online Broadcasters’ Academy Level Up in Broadcast six month training, coaching and consulting programme.

It involves twice-weekly live group online video coaching sessions with Kerry Hopkins with ample time for clients to ask questions and share their computer screen if they need to.

There is a private Community platform where clients support, help and motivate each other, and the Broadcasters’ Academy staff help answer client’s questions.  There is an On Demand private online training platform that clients can use at times to suit their lifestyle and commitments and which they can access for as long as the Broadcasters Academy is in business. 

The Level Up in Broadcast programme transforms the business. It increases the spokespeople’s status, their reputation, the level of respect they get, and their company revenue usually always increases as does the calibre of graduates and staff the organisation is then able to attract.

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