Kerry Hopkins

Our CEO, Kerry Hopkins, is doing a free Masterclass and thought I’d extend the invite to to people viewing this website.

She is a broadcast PR specialist having worked in PR for large corporations then gone off to become a national TV journalist at ITV News and BBC TV News then I left to focus on broadcast PR.

In her next Masterclass she will be covering the “4 Critical Errors That PR’s and Business Owners Make When Trying to Land Broadcast Appearances, and How You Can Avoid These Errors.”

Then she will answer your personal questions on any type of broadcast media that you are trying to get your clients on during the Masterclass.

This session is for you if:

▶️ You’re a PR person struggling to get your client on air regularly and need to learn more about how to, or, you’re an expert in your field and want to go on air yourself as a spokesperson.

▶️ You’re finding it hard to get regular traction and don’t really know how to get your client to become the broadcast media’s go-to expert on the back of a news story and planned diary story

▶️ You want to grow your business and have the will to have an implementation plan to make it happen

▶️ You want to invest in Broadcast PR because clients love getting on air, and you’ve seen others public profiles and business grow on the back of broadcast PR

▶️ You want to learn the tools to help not one, not two but all of your clients and could also use those tools to get yourself on air too to promote your own profile which helps you win contracts and projects easier (they may contact you).

▶️ You might be self-critical and think ‘others can do it better than me’ but let me be the judge of that as quite often I find people, including very brainy people, don’t realise just how good they are in the eyes of others and how much a journalist would love to include them

▶️ You’re based anywhere in the world as I have expertise of the media in over 100 countries across the world having got interviews in over 100 countries across the world.

This session is not for you if:

⛔️ You are fixed in your way of doing things and not open to someone giving you a better way as your pride is too big (although some people don’t even realise that)

⛔️ You are already getting yourself or your client on air 100 times a year or moreWhen: Wednesday 8 SeptemberTime: 11am UK time – 1pm (Length: Stay as long as you want. The Masterclass will be about 30 minutes and after that, I take your personal questions which can go on for up to 180 minutes so I block out 2 hours in total but you can stay for as long as you wish)

Register here to get the Zoom link: